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Response to Intervention (RTI)

National Center for Response to Intervention (RTI) recommends thorough integration of assessment and intervention, which dovetails with Camelot Learning’s Math Intervention curriculum. RTI recognized that maximizing student achievement reduces behavior problems. Camelot Learning is based on Gardner’s multiple intelligences theory of learning. Traditional education in the United States is based on linguistic and logical learning styles, and for the students in whom those two styles are dominant, learning is easy. For students whose dominant style is one of the other five, learning is challenging, and academic success is less likely. Camelot Learning curriculum is based on the other five learning styles, and links the skills learned to the two styles on which traditional education, and therefore assessments, are based. RTI recommends frequent progress monitoring, and Camelot Learning has formative assessments built into every lesson. A standards-based assessment ends each lesson, ensuring the student acquired the skill taught.

Core RTI concepts include:

  • High quality, research based instruction,
  • Continuous monitoring of progress,
  • Research based interventions,
  • Ongoing progress monitoring throughout interventions,
  • Integrity of instruction and interventions.

Camelot Learning incorporated these key RTI concepts with an intervention program that is research based, ensuring integrity of instruction with scripted lesson plans and teaching along the five learning styles other than the traditional, to reach reluctant learners of mathematics. Mostly, continuous progress monitoring is addressed through daily assessments, enabling instructors to repeat lessons where skills are not yet acquired. Math games make practice engaging for students, and success becomes familiar, diminishing behavior problems tangential to academic failure. RTI is pragmatic, relying on regular assessments, as is Camelot Learning math intervention curriculum.

Why is Camelot Learning the best Math Intervention Program?

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A third-party research study of the Camelot Learning Math Intervention Curriculum showed substantial increases (3-fold) in students’ post-test under-standing of essential Math skills. We fully endorse this program as a “best practice” for improving student achievement.

Barbara Clark
Principal Hawthorne Elementary