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Assessment and Performance Analysis

Pre- and post-tests are available for each of the Camelot Learning Themes. Each theme is aligned to the National Content Standards, and correlated to NCTM standards. The purpose of the assessments is to demonstrate acquisition of skills taught in the Camelot Learning Intervention program, and not for placement of students. Teachers and administrators would decide which theme struggling students should experience based on the correlations, and the student profiles. Sample pre- and post-tests are available gratis,and scored internally. Assessments for each theme consist of 30 questions administered in a 40 minute period.

Alternatively, for a fee of $25 per student, once the tests have been administered, they can be mailed to the Camelot Learning administrative office for scoring and analysis, and you will be provided with a series of reports within five working days. The reports indicate whether individual students demonstrate mastery of specific skills, as well as the group’s cumulative data. Students’ scores are rated as proficient, basic, or intermediate, according to the percentages below. In a third party research study, Camelot Learning’s math intervention program raised scores on standardized tests an average of 30%, showing a gain of 15% above scores of control group students. This gain in test performance is often enough to move student scores from one level of proficiency to another, e.g., from basic to intermediate, or from intermediate to proficient. Assessments clearly identify skills needing mastery, both individually and as a group. This information can be a valuable teaching tool, extending beyond the intervention program to the classroom.

After students complete all 40 lessons, a post-test is administered. Post-test reports demonstrate individual and group gain, by skill. Over the last four years, students completing the Camelot Learning program have improved post-test scores by an average of 31.5%. Since each skill taught correlates to state and national standards, this translates directly to an increase in standardized test scores.

Following is a description of the assessment reports:

  • Class Gains Report: Indicates how the group performed on each skill.
  • Student Report: Indicates whether a student has mastered a particular skill.
  • Parent Report: A report to be sent home to student’s parents showing student progress.
  • Pre-Test and Post-Test Student Proficiency Reports: Categorizes students based on test results. Students scoring 0-50% are Basic, 51%-75% Intermediate, 76%-100% Proficient.

Once we receive the assessments, they are scored with results provided to you within a week by e-mail, followed by U.S. mail delivery.

Why is Camelot Learning the best Math Intervention Program?

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A third-party research study of the Camelot Learning Math Intervention Curriculum showed substantial increases (3-fold) in students’ post-test under-standing of essential Math skills. We fully endorse this program as a “best practice” for improving student achievement.

Barbara Clark
Principal Hawthorne Elementary