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Hands on. Manipulative-rich. Motivates reluctant learners. It all adds up to higher test scores.

For more than a decade, Camelot Learning’s award-winning, research-based Math Intervention curriculum has been helping bridge the achievement gap by delivering lessons that address alternate learning styles. The curriculum is effective during the school day, in summer programs, and in before or after school intervention settings. Used in 21st Century Community Learning Centers, Response to Intervention (RTI programming),¬†as well as in traditional math intervention settings, Camelot Learning is based on the Multiple Intelligence model of learning. Five themes, 40 lessons each provide scripted lesson plans with built in daily assessments in accordance with RTI, each 40 minutes in duration. The skill based curriculum makes Camelot Learning perfect for use during the school day for students in grades kindergarten through eight.

Camelot Learning’s standards-based curriculum is designed to build students’ skills and confidence for success in a school environment. Our patented lessons reach children of all learning styles, particularly the interpersonal, spatial, and kinesthetic learning styles typically not addressed by traditional curriculum.

Here’s more of what makes Camelot work:

  • Standards Based: Curriculum is correlated to NCTM and core standards. In addition, Independent Research shows that Camelot Learning students perform better than their peers on standardized tests.
  • Manipulative Rich: “Hands on” kinesthetic learning provides games and activities designed for alternate learning styles based on Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences.
  • All Materials Included: Everything from lesson plans to student manipulatives are provided in the kit. So teachers spend less time preparing and more time interacting with students!
  • Motivational Learning: Camelot Learning works with all learning styles and enhances social learning and team building with group games and activities. Students experience academic success in this math intervention program.
  • Math Vocabulary: Success in math depends in large part on correctly following directions. Understanding directions, selecting the correct operation to solve a problem, is dependent on knowing the meaning of mathematical terms. Every Camelot lesson incorporates review and practice of key math vocabulary words.

Why is Camelot Learning the best Math Intervention Program?

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Students are actively engaged through movement and the use of math tools, addressing varied learning styles. The skills are well chosen and are building blocks for future math skills. Camelot Learning activities are fantastic.

Victoria Berkley
5th Grade Teacher Baltimore, Maryland