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Number Sense

Addition, subtraction, place value, number line, rounding, estimation, number patterns, money, dates, time, problem solving

Number Sense - Student Packet

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Developing the young learner’s understanding of numbers and the operations of addition and subtraction is the focus of this theme. Through examination of number magnitude, place value, and the relationships of numbers and operations, students are exposed to numbers in a variety of contexts including time, money, calendars, patterns, number lines, fractions, and graphs. Students use fun and motivating strategies to practice telling time to the nearest minute in order to solve a variety of real-life problems related to elapsed time and interpreting time schedules. They learn to use calendars as a tool in measuring the passage of time in days and weeks, as they recognize patterns on a calendar and identify dates in the past and future.

Using a game format and hands-on activities, students learn a variety of effective strategies that will help them recall basic addition and subtraction facts. Students learn to use benchmarks and their sense of numbers to find the relative location of numbers on a number line. The hundred chart is introduced as a tool to strengthen the students’ ability to mentally add and subtract two-digit numbers by separating the numbers into tens and ones before adding and subtracting. Estimating skills of rounding are introduced to help students to estimate the sums and differences of three-digit numbers as well as amounts of money.

Students are challenged to identify, create, and extend a variety of numerical patterns to help them gain an appreciation of the patterns in our number system. Concrete objects are used to reinforce students’ ability to find fractional parts of a region or set. As always in Camelot Learning, strengthening and expanding mathematical vocabulary terms is key to ensuring student mastery.

Number Sense - Teacher Packet

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