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Number Friends

Foundational math skills, beginning computation, and basic math vocabulary are the focus of this theme.

Number Friends - Student Packet

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Developing a strong foundation of math skills is crucial to younger students’ long-term success in math. In this theme, students are actively engaged in lessons that address the varied learning styles. Students learn and understand the basic math skills of number recognition, counting, and the meaning of addition and subtraction. Basic math skills are improved through lessons that enable learners to examine the position and magnitude of numbers.

Students are actively engaged in learning strategies for recognizing numbers and number words, patterns, and the meaning of addition and subtraction. They practice math skills using math tools such as a number line, ruler, linking cubes, spinner, number cube, and counters. A ten frame is introduced as a tool for addition. Students use a number line to count numbers, identify missing numbers, and determine numbers that are greater or lesser.

The fundamentals of data collection and analysis will be learned by collecting meaningful data about themselves, and organizing that data in bar graphs. Students are challenged to describe, create, and extend a variety of patterns. Math knowledge will be gained through movement activities including clapping and stomping patterns. This unit enables students to master the essential skills necessary for understanding numbers, operations, patterns, and data collection. As always in Camelot Learning, varied learning styles are addressed and mathematical vocabulary is emphasized.

Number Friends - Teacher Packet

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The convenience of reinforcing identified students through Camelot Learning Math Intervention became an effortless process due to the essential alignment to the common core standards, and teaching strategies.

Carolyn L. Smith, Principal
The Empowerment Academy Charter School