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Learning Math. Teaching Math. They’re both easier with Camelot Learning Math Intervention.

Camelot Learning’s Math Intervention Curriculum has been motivating students for over two decades. Five 40 lesson themes for students in grades kindergarten through nine, include Number Friends, Number Sense, Computation, Fractions & Decimals, and Geometry and Measurement. Teachers can follow the scripted lesson plans or customize the standards-based curriculum to their needs. Our white paper provides lesson delivery detail as well as theoretical foundation. Five sequential 40 lesson themes teach students basic and intermediate math skills, culminating with mastery of math facts, vocabulary, and strategies and increased student confidence. For grade level correlations to National Council for Teachers of Mathematics standards, see each individual theme:

Each 40-minute lesson provides instruction and practice using manipulatives in a fun and team-building environment. Students build their skills and confidence with games, mental math strategies, daily problem solving, test-taking skills and hands-on activities. Teams also compete in tournaments to demonstrate their new skills. Request a sample math lesson now »

Each lesson is based on the best practices of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics’ (NCTM) teaching strategies, which include:

  • Learning and practicing key skills to improve basic understandings in computation accuracy and mathematical competence,
  • Game formats to engage students and encourage involvement
  • Teacher scripts to reduce preparation time as well as build in repetition and retention,
  • Incentives to reward students for daily participation and accuracy,
  • Charts and workbooks to record student growth in number and fact acquisition.

Read more about our NCTM theoretical foundation »

All Teacher and Student Materials are Included

Teacher Resource Notebook comes complete with:

  • Teacher Guide with lesson plans and answer keys
  • Student Workbook
  • Math Vocabulary Flash Cards
  • Extra Math Games for classroom extension
  • Correlations to National Content Standards
  • All Manipulatives and teaching aides.

Student Workbooks come in a Camelot Learning Backpack with all materials and supplies needed for each student, including calculator, markers, ruler, spinner, number cubes, game boards, counters, and any manipulatives required in the lesson plans.

Assessments: Camelot Learning will provide complementary pre- and post-assessment samples designed to demonstrate student progress from completion of each theme. Schools are free to administer these pre- and post-tests and score them in-house. Alternatively, Camelot Learning can score and analyze test results for your school. Learn more » Assessment analysis includes individual student reports, group reports, and reports for parents of each student.

Staff Development PowerPoint: Designed to outline a two hour professional development session, this DVD follows the agenda used by out Camelot training teams that travel to school systems nationally. As the curriculum is described, the PowerPoint presentation walks participants through lessons, and participants should have those lessons in hand to follow along. Participants are meant to review the teacher and student component of sample lessons, actually “experiencing them” as students would. The DVD is a guide, or companion piece to staff development sessions.

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As Executive Director for multiple after school programs serving students with many different skill levels, and learning styles, I have been searching for a curriculum that would align to the common core standards, and bring academic enrichment in a way that would be rigorous, fun, and engaging, using multiple learning styles to introduce and practice new skills.  I found that and more, in Camelot Learning Math Intervention Curriculum.

Beatrice Rice, Executive Director
Dare to Dream 21st Century Community Learning Center