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Created by educators for educators to improve student achievement.

The Camelot Learning Math Intervention Curriculum was established in response to school administrators’ requests for tutorial and intervention solutions designed for students with alternate learning styles. Research indicates that students need activities that do not feel the same as the school day, yet reinforce the concepts and information presented in the classroom. The administrators also sought activities that addressed spatial, interpersonal and kinesthetic learning styles to complement the linguistic and logical mathematical learning styles of the traditional classroom learning experience.

In 1997, Camelot Learning developed a math intervention program that would motivate students and encourage active participation. The result was Camelot Learning’s Math Intervention Curriculum for elementary and middle school students. The curriculum is based on Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence model. These multiple intelligences include the two upon which traditional education is based, linguistic and logical-mathematical as well as spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligences.

Children who are challenged during the school day often are not primarily linguistic or logical-mathematical learners. One of the alternate learning styles likely dominates with these reluctant learners. By combining core curriculum from the school day with these varied learning styles, Camelot Learning reaches many students who are otherwise challenged. As testament to the originality of our research-based curriculum, Camelot Learning holds a U.S. patent on its lesson plans. Every lesson is correlated to NCTM and the Core Standards.

In just over a decade Camelot Learning’s curriculum has become a nationally recognized math intervention curriculum for use during the school day, in 21st Century Community Learning Centers, in RTI programs, and funded through Title 1, and is used during the school year, as well as in summer learning and summer school programs.

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Camelot Learning: More Than Just a Name

Camelot is a land that was founded on the principle that knowledge is power. King Arthur and his knights created an ideal kingdom, where everyone was treated fairly and could be successful. Knights of the Round Table went on quests to help people in other lands who did not have the advantages of living in an ideal society. Camelot Learning is designed to make learning magical and transforming for all students. Each successful quest contributes to understanding, making students more successful in school, and consequently, more successful in life. Step inside the world of Camelot Learning and see for yourself.

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